Club Rules

Lets have fun safely


The SCMFC adopts the use of a constitution which sets out the main aims of the club, its appointment of officers and rules that govern the clubs operations. The SCMFC constitution was revised on 1st January 2018 and is available to all members.

In addition to the Constitution, the club also lays down various other rules that provide for safer flying, proper use of facilities and respect to fellow hobbyists and land owners. The requirement of the club is that all members have BMFA insurance and are familiar with the contents of the BMFA handbook.

While we do not stipulate that members have obtained ‘A’ or ‘B’ certfification, we do require that they display an appropriate level of discipline for the model they intend to fly. The BMFA achievement scheme is a sound gauge for any club to monitor a members ability and progress. We encourage all members to look to gain these merits as they progress through the hobby although by no means is it necessary in most cases.

Certain model types carry with them greater risks and therefore a greater level of proficiency is required. Turbine models carry with them greater risks due to their power and fuel capacity.

It is clear that many pilots demonstrate a very high level of control without any kind of examination ever being passed.


As a BMFA affiliated club the code of practice of this association must be followed wherever appropriate / practical.

These are some of the more important rules applicable to our club aside from those as provided for in the BMFA hand book. Contravention of these rules will be dealt with as laid out in the constitution


  • All pilots should demonstrate a good level of safety understanding and take all precautionary care so as to avoid accidents or damage
  • Pilots intending to fly turbine models need to demonstrate a very good degree of discipline, control and safety awareness.
  • Models of 50cc and over are currently prohibited from being flown at the SCMFC.
  • Rocket propelled models and model rockets are strictly prohibited
  • The use of any radio controlled land based model is strictly prohibited. This includes, cars, tanks, crawlers, trucks or any other vehicle
  • Kites or any other tethered models are not permitted
  • Experimental RC flying models are not permitted to be flown without prior consent and inspection
  • Models over 20KG carry their own requirements by the CAA and may be flown providing the necessary registration, checks and operations have been carried out to an approved LMA examiners standard. In addition, a ‘B’ certificate may also be required.

Land and Site

  • The law of the land and any local byelaws shall take precedence over these rules
  • Vehicles must be kept clear of the entry gate sweep during opening and closing
  • The demands of the landlords must be respected at all times.
  • A downed model that has crashed into the field must not be retrieved if any damage to crops is likely to result. This must be reported in all cases to a committee member so the farm operators can be advised of potential debris that may damage their equipment.
  • During the warmer months, a fire extinguisher should be taken to the flight line due to the higher risk of dry grass or crop becoming ignited
  • All turbine models should be started with at least one CO2 fire extinguisher at hand
  • Flying is not permitted behind the flight line
  • Two No Fly zones exist which are clearly displayed and highlighted on an aerial map in the club house
  • Vehicles should be returned to the car park after models and equipment have been unloaded
  • At times, the field may become unsuitable to be driven on due to continued wet conditions. If this is the case, a committee member will issue a temporary ban to prevent damage to the grass
  • All litter must be placed in the bin inside the club hut or taken home
  • Batteries must not be left in the club or any other area of the site and must be disposed of appropriately
  • The 5mph speed limit in and out of the farm to and from the field must be adhered to at all times
  • Cars should be parked to allow other members access to and from the car park where possible
  • Smoking is not permitted in the club hut at any time
  • No pets or animals are permitted to the flying site


  • All accidents no matter how minor should be logged in the accident book which can be found in the club house
  • Accidents that could result in a claim should be reported in accordance with section 5.4 of the BMFA handbook
  • Serious incidents should be reported in accordance with section 21 of the BMFA handbook


  • Behaviour at the field should remain amicable and polite. Language should remain moderate at all times
  • If a flight queue has formed, please respect the order, remain outside of the pilots box and do not rush anyone to complete his flight
  • Shouting, whistling or making any other intentional loud noise should be avoided at all costs
  • Members should be aware of the effects that their behaviour may have on others
  • Every member deserves to be treated with dignity and respect